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A new version of The Testing Map is under way. If you have any feedback please sent it using the contact link.

Content overview

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  1. Zoom in/out & navigate

    Using the mouse you can zoom in or out and also drag the map

  2. Click on areas

    If you click on an area a pop up with information about the area will open
    Most of the areas have data inside them (summary, recomended links,blog posts.... )

    If you think we should add additional information to an area please contact us.

  3. Marking empty areas

    For now, not all areas have information.

    You can (pin) all the empty areas so that you know where you can't find data on the map

    If you want to remove the pin just refresh the page

  4. Marking empty areas

    You can pin all the empty areas so that you knwo where there is data

  5. Search Areas

    You can search any area within the map. Once selected, you will be directed to the desired area

  6. Testing Challenges

    The Testing Map is all about software testing information. Testing Challanges is all about practice. Here you can practice a few testing challenges

  7. Knowledge Search

    Knowledge search is a Google custom search engine that searches only within a pre-defined list of testing blogs and testing related websites.

  8. The team

    Team members and their contact details. Any feedback is more than wellcomed !!!

    This was the last stop. Click next to enjoy the map.